How to Do Inversion Exercises

We have known for decades that inversion treatment is one of the fastest ways of getting safe, natural relief from back pain. How quickly? Try 10 minutes to pain relief fast.

Inversion Exercises


That according to a study which measured lower back muscle EMG activity — that directly corresponds to muscle pain. In these first 10 seconds, EMG activity dropped by 35%.


Along with the pain relief continues, too. Another study discovered 175 patients with spine pain so poor they couldn’t work. After just 8 inversion treatments, 155 of them had such good results they were able to come back to the full-time job. That’s nearly 9 in 10!


Even the worst cases may often be helped with inversion. In still another study at Newcastle University in England, 70% of patients were able to prevent back surgery thanks to inversion therapy.


That is all great news for back pain sufferers (and if you suffer back pain and do not have an inversion table, click here to view our #1 Recommended and Bestselling Inversion Table)…


However, what are you supposed to do with your inversion table when your back pain is something of the past also?

It does not need to! As an inversion table may also help you work your muscles in ways you have never tried before…

In fact, here are 5 exercises to carry your inversion sessions to the next level:

While entirely inverted, use your glutes and hamstrings to pull yourself up. This very hard exercise strengthens your glutes and hamstrings. Most lower back pain sufferers find these muscles are weak, contributing to their pain.


Inverted Crunch

Again at the fully inverted position, put your palms in your chest and use your abs to lift your upper body about one-third of the way up. A great core muscle workout.

At the complete inverted position, stretch your arms as if you were reaching for your feet and attempt to touch your feet. Some experts say that one inverted sit-up is equivalent to 10 regular sit-ups.

While at the fully inverted position, hit together with the opposite hand to the table legs and then pull yourself into the rotation, then switch hands and do the exact same for the other hand. This is a great way to improve flexibility and stretch tight muscles all along your side.


Enriched Decompression

One more time at the fully inverted position, catch the table legs and pull. This allows you to increase and control the amount of decompression if you need or need more.